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Austin Dickey

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Full Stack Developer

Hi, I'm Austin! I'm from Murfreesboro, TN and have been coding since I was 17 years old. I taught myself HTML and CSS, and I studied Java at Samford University. I love to learn new languages, e.g., JavaScript on my own. I have recently enrolled in the Trilogy Coding Bootcamp at Vanderbilt University in order to further develop my coding skills.

Of all the jobs I've done up to this point in life, I've never enjoyed any of them as much as I enjoy coding! There is a calm that overcomes me when it's just me and the lines of color coded text filling the screen. I am a very quick learner and feel that I possess a diligent work ethic. My ultimate goal in life is to create and build my own game-design firm. I am willing to put in the hard work now in order to achieve that goal in the future.

People often say, if you love what you do, then you'll never work a day in your life. I've experienced countless nights where I have gotten lost in time while writing code. I can bring my enthusiasm to your company, coupled with my work ethic and my current skillset. In time, I will prove to be a great addition to your tech team! I hope you enjoy viewing the projects I have compiled on this site. I am open to feedback if we end up having a conversation. I appreciate your consideration. Have a blessed day.

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My Services

Web Development

I can handle back end functionality like creating a server, creating a database, or building a node app. How a site looks to user is just part of the process; one also needs to be well versed in the passing of data between servers and users.

Web Design

I have a keen eye for front end design. There is a thin line between not enough content, and too much content. I believe I walk that line fairly straight. My main style is simple, modern, and clean.

Responsive Design

Every website I make is fully mobile responsive. In 2018, a study showed that 52.2% of all web traffic is done through a mobile phone, so it is imperative that your site looks just as good on a phone as it does on a computer.

Graphic Design

I have had my hand in graphic design for the last 13 years. I am by no means an expert, but I have enough knowledge to produce beautiful graphics to accompany your website.

My Resume


  • Olsen's Packaging

    Web Developer / Machine Shop Technician

    Web developer, assist in the production of company deliverables.

    2020 2019
  • AB Couriers

    Dispatcher / Supervisor

    Responsible for customer service and on-time delivery of critical medical deliveries; supervised multiple drivers; executed logistics and delivery strategies.

    2019 2018
  • Costco

    Invetory Associate / Forklift Driver

    Stocked/managed merchandise inventory; constructed/assembled display models; some customer service responsibilities; operated forklift for inventory placement. Consistently developed in progressing roles and responsibilities.

    2017 2015


  • Vanderbilt University

    Full Stack Developer Certification

    I graduated with an A, and I have been using my knowledge gained from the program to develop websites, during and since.

    2020 2019
  • Samford University

    Computer Science BS

    Although I did not graduate, I learned Java during my year there, and I have used that as a base to expand my coding language knowledge.

    2013 2012

Technical Skills

Mac OS


Microsoft Office


Front End Web Development


Back End Web Development


Adobe Creative Suite


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